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Why Lux Vita?


"Uniquely Yours" bespoke designed albums

A lot of couples choose me after they've seen the bespoke designed album I have done for other weddings.  Not only do they like the photography, they are impressed with the way I personally design a unique album that is just for them.  I do not use ready-made templates (like most of the photographers do) or use an album maker's design service, who will know nothing about you and was not at the wedding.  Nor do I just simply drop the images into the album like layering bricks.  The way I work is to provide a real personal touch where I design the album based on what I know about the couple and the story and experience of the wedding day. The result is a touching and deeply unique album that you can treasure forever.


Its an investment

For a lot of people, wedding photography might seem to be an expensive or unnecessary expense within their wedding plan. I, on the other hand, don't think that's the case; there is no second chance to capturing your wedding day, what has happened will be gone forever and never experienced again.  Think about the hugs you will have with your parents soon after the ceremony, the beautiful wedding cake at your wedding breakfast or the stunning venue where you will speak your vows to each other.  These are the precious moments and treasured details that you would like to have preserved for you and maybe generations to come.

I understand that every wedding is different.  Just let me know what your budget is and what you are planning.  I would be very happy to tailor my wedding photography service just for you.  Alternatively, you can select one of my carefully designed wedding packages to suit your needs. 


The Essex      £650

Pre-wedding session
Coverage from wedding ceremony to before wedding breakfast
Selection of images by digital download


The Chelsea      £1190

Pre-wedding session (including photo session)
Morning preps
Photography coverage ends before wedding breakfast

2 photographers
Selection of digital images on USB memory stick.
Online proofing and purchasing


The Eton      £1350

The Chelsea

"Uniquely Yours" bespoke designed 8" x 6" 30 pages album


The Windsor      £1790

The Chelsea
Coverage extended to first dance
"Uniquely Yours" bespoke designed 14" x 10" 40 pages album
5 mini albums (identical design to the main album)


The Mayfair      £2350

The Chelsea
Coverage extended to first dance
"Uniquely Yours" bespoke designed 16" x 12" 50 pages album
Aluminum album cover with genuine leather
10 mini or 2 parent albums (identical design to the main album)
*Large guests sign frame (26" x 20")
50 ThankYou Cards


Pre-wedding session

Its important that you'll be comfortable with me photographing you at your wedding - arguably the most important day of your life.  I always meet the couple for a pre-wedding session a month before the wedding day.  This will give me an opportunity to disscuss whats important to you and the details of your wedding plans.  We will work togther on how to pose for the photographs and I'll give you a few little hints and tips to help me capture the best of you on the day.  It is important aspect of the process, and from my experience, the couple always benefits from having a studio shoot with me.  The photographs from the engagement session will be yours to keep and if you choose to do so; you can incorporate them into the design of your main wedding album. 


Guests signed frame

There are lots of ways for you to remember the well wishes from family members and the guests at your wedding.  For most people, they choose to have a guests book which works really well but it will most likely end up in a drawer never to be seen again.  However, If you are looking for something different and meaningful; why not choose a signature frame.  Its a wall mountable photo frame that is made to have a large border with a small aperture to accommodate a photo; it can be designed into any size and format you desire.  The idea is for the wedding guests to sign and write their messages on the border at the day of your wedding.  You can then choose the image you want for the photo aperture after the wedding, I will then assemble the frame with the chosen photograph and deliver this fantastic memento of your special day to you.  Hang it on the wall of your sitting room or bedroom; a perfect way to keep the memories alive.


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