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The photographer

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan and at university I realised that my course in electronics was not for me, and so I changed to the study of film.  During the course however, I found my interest moving more and more towards the still image, and so started my passion for photography.  I first came to UK in 2000 studying and gaining a MA in film studies at Newcastle University. 

I joined a local camera club and I've had many winning photographs in competitions.  After years of working in an office, I decided to turn pro and set up Digifocus Photography.  I subsequently joined British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and in September 2009 gained “Associate*” memberships from both the BIPP and the Royal Photographic Society (RPS) in landscape photography.  In addition, since joining the BIPP, I've won numerous awards from national and regional competitions.  You can view the list of awards from About me/Awards

*British Institute of Professional Photography (BIPP) and its qualification is 'recognised across the world as a benchmark of excellence', to achieve Associateship(ABIPP), the photographer needs to demonstrate 'a high standard of craftsmanship and creative ability'.


The philosophy

My photography aims to capture the landscapes and shores of our area together with the best of the rest of the UK in my own style.  Although human activities can have a detrimental effect on our landscape, the aim of my photography is to convey the harmony between a human activity and the beauty and power of the landscape in which it inhabits.

Heavely influenced by the coastal area, the seascapes are my strongest area of work, with images of boats on the beach, lighthouses and castles against a dramatic sky, and piers stretching out onto the sea.  Visit gallery 1 to view my work. 



Abstract, Detail and Intimate Landscape

It is not unusual to suggest that photographers see things differently, as indeed do many artists. To see the extraordinary from the ordinary and capture it through care and attention is a challenge for any photographer.

There are many forms of illustrative photography. The intimate, detailed or interesting image can be just as captivating as traditional landscape photography. The magic of photography can be conveyed with unconventional techniques and rule breaking compositions. You can view some of my abstract and detail photography work by visiting gallery 2.