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Fine art Photographer Reading

Fine art photographer Reading

I would describe my photography as elegant and stylish with a generous dose of artistic flair and creative touch.  I always concentrate on capturing the connection and emotion between the couple, and the little magical moments happening throughout the day.  My wedding photography is full of personal touches and little extras that make me stand out from other wedding photographers; the engagement shoot, signature frame, the "Uniquely yours" bespoke designed albums and the tailored wedding photography packages.  If you have any questions about my wedding photography, what is involved and what can you get out of it, please get in touch.  I am happy to explain to you all aspects of the wedding photography process and what you can have at the end of it. Alternatively, I attend many wedding fairs in and around the Berkshire area, If you happen to be going to one of the fairs, please do come to my stand for a chat. For more information, visit wedding fairs & events.

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Fine art photography Reading, West Berkshire

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A lot of couples choose me after they've seen the bespoke designed album I have done for other weddings.  Not only do they like the photography, they are impressed with the way I personally design a unique album that is just for them.  I do not use ready-made templates (like most of the photographers do) or use an album maker's design service, who will know nothing about you and was not at the wedding.  Nor do I just simply drop the images into the album like layering bricks.  The way I work is to provide a real personal touch where I design the album based on what I know about the couple and the story and experience of the wedding day. The result is a touching and deeply unique album that you can treasure forever.

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For a lot of people, wedding photography might seem to be an expensive or unnecessary expense within their wedding plan. I, on the other hand, don't think that's the case; there is no second chance to capturing your wedding day, what has happened will be gone forever and never experienced again.  Think about the hugs you will have with your parents soon after the ceremony, the beautiful wedding cake at your wedding breakfast or the stunning venue where you will speak your vows to each other.  These are the precious moments and treasured details that you would like to have preserved for you and maybe generations to come.

I understand that every wedding is different.  Just let me know what your budget is and what you are planning.  I would be very happy to tailor my wedding photography service just for you.  Alternatively, you can select one of my carefully designed wedding packages to suit your needs. 



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